Best life tips – What are you willing to suffer for?

Hey guys,

I wanted to talk to you about following your dreams, going in the direction you want and start building the life you imagined.

So, from my experience until now (I’m 29) I think that every time I wanted to start doing something, the first step was the hardest. And why is that? because you’re changing everything you believed in that area. that’s why you haven’t started in the beginning anyway.

I think you need to take the first step, even if it hurts, even it feels wrong because it’s always going to be painful because it’s different than what you were used to.

So – do it anyway – you must do it because the years go by and nothing is happening unless you do it.

I think doing is the main thing in life, just – do – it, as Nike says.

after the first, there is already something happening – like a real post, or a real meeting with a person, or a new outfit. something is real, and people react to it, and it’s easier for you to take the second step.

I think it will take you much longer than you think to get the things you want in life, so you better start now and accept that life is painful, so it’s just a matter of what pain are we willing to experince in order to get what we want. it’s just a matter of how much we are willing to suffer, and what are we willing to suffer in order to get what we want.

So – start suffering for the things you want – it’s as simple as that. And it’s also important to understand what you are not willing to suffer, like when is your breaking point, you need to rest half the way before your breaking point because life is also about prevention in order not to get into too much of a mess.

So  – a few things you should take from this post:

  1. the first step is the hardest and it’s normal that you suffer during it – choose the thing you want to do and get ready to suffer a bit, it’s OK and it’s normal – that’s what being out of your comfort zone means and it will get you to a new place you’ve never been before and it is supposed to feel uncomfortable.
  2. choose wisely what are you willing to suffer for – I’m willing to suffer studies in order to earn a degree, I’m willing to suffer giving up some of my freedom for a wonderful spouse – I’m sacrificing willingly. sacrifice willingly and be ready to suffer. the benefit overcomes the cost – that’s a lot of things in life.
  3. understand that life will be uncomfortable a big amount of time if you want great things – accept it, and understand what your willing to suffer and where can you relax and let go. what will be worth the pain – that’s all life is about I think.

What is worth the pain for you?

What will give you the most progress that your willing to suffer pain and discomfort for?

I’de love to hear for you,



What to do when you got the blues

Hi guys,

I wanted to talk to you about times when you get the blues. when nothing seems to satisfy you the way it used to, and you feel empty and tired like you can’t keep going for another day the same way.

I’m in a period like that right now and I noticed there a few things I started doing that helped me feel better and get things done. Here are a few ideas:

  1. When you’re really feeling down, take a few things off your plate – if you’re experiencing something like this, I think it means it’s time for a change. it seems to me it means you’re working really hard or you’re doing things that are not inspiring to you. sometimes it’s just a period and you have to go through it in order to get to better things, but you can make the road there a little bit more smooth and fun. So I think you should decide what are the most important things you need to do during your day, and do just them, like do the minimum you can do in order to get by. After that, you can add a few things to reward yourself for being able to go through this hard, hard time.
  2. Release the FOMO – trying to be perfect in everything will get you nowhere. sometimes I feel even consuming FOMO content – another inspirational email, another meetup, another article about how to make yourself better. it can drive you mad. This happens to people trying to be the best they can, and it means that you are probably already working really hard and doing a lot of great things really well. so, stop consuming things that make you feel like you have to better yourself more and more, you already are bettering yourself! stick to contents that make you feel good, you need to put the pressure off for a little while unless you’ll get sick, as simple as that, and trust me, I’ve been there, it happens all the time like a charm, if you’re not putting the pressure off for a little bit, just for a while, you’re body will remind you what you need to do – which means – rest :).
  3. Organising and cleaning you house\space – putting the pressure off also means arranging things you wanted to for a while. it means preparing yourself and your nest for the next storm. So, cleaning, organising, making sure you have everything you need, checking out what’s missing, what do we need to buy, things like that, will help you feel less pressure and give you a clean, nice space to look at, which also relaxes the mind and opens to directions that you think of. it opens up your creativity. surrounding yourself with a beautiful, clear space, may seem like a waste of time, but actually, it’s critical to make you feel better, give you more energy and help you get better results in the end. That’s it, very simple.
  4. Look at yourself in the mirror and decide one thing you’re going to do for your appearance, one thing that will make you feel and look better – a shower with a new luxurious soap, some nail polish, some face mask, whatever works. One or two simple things. you don’t have to go overboard, but it will sure make you feel a little bit better and get you moving faster towards your goals. It may seem at first like a waste of time, and that’s why you didn’t do it beforehand, but actually, it’s the only way to get yourself back on track and moving. Treat yourself well.
  5. Surround yourself with luxurious things or things you perceive as a treat – it might be some self-care, cosmetics products or great food or drinks. anything beautiful that can go into your home and make you feel like you’re treating yourself. it’s different for each person, but it might be a good coffee cup, some new clothes, or cosmetics or bath products. After all the hard work you’re putting into whatever it is you trying to do, you have to have things in your home that help you treat yourself and make you feel really good. you just have to have that, because you deserve it.

In my case, visuality is very important to me, smells, the way things look and I really want to feel luxurious. I think that a lot of us think that working very hard and hustling is the way to get this done. it’s true, but you have to take care of yourself in order to keep going and sometimes you have to stop and treat yourself!

The bottom line is it will help you move forward faster and get you closer to achieving your goals!

Good luck,


Being very real with yourself

Hi guys,

I feel like one of the biggest reasons I was (and sometimes still am) so confused, was because I was not being real with myself.

For example, I think I never really thought about how long it takes me to get organised and still feel great in the morning. I was never really sure what was the best morning routine for me. I thought it took me an hour to get fully ready in the morning when actually it takes me about 2 and half hours to feel content with my morning routine.

Another thing I think I was not really clear with myself about was the fact that money was more important to me than what I was comfortable admitting, and that I would like to jobs where I feel I’m being rewarded (financially).

Another I became more comfortable admitting when the years went by was that I would like to be more upfront, or at the centre of attention more than I wanted to admit to myself.

So a few key points:

  1. I feel that when you’re not admitting to yourself what you really want and believe you will always be living with a feeling you’re missing something or not living to your full potential.
  2. When you do admit to yourself what is really important to you, the next step is being able to live according to it. which means, setting your priorities and time according to your goals, wants, cravings and real standards. for me the harders part in this one is dealing with other people, the things they want and say about you. I haven’t fully figured out yet exactly what I should do about it, but I think it comes down to putting yourself first, caring less what people think. how do you do it practically: a. write things you want and need to get done. b. think about the fact that in 10 years from now you will still feel the same way so it’s important to accomplish things because it will be much harder and worse to feel you didn’t achieve anything of what you wanted for yourself. c. another good idea is trying to beat other people and always remember they are not thinking about you as much as your thinking about them or what they’re thinking about you. and there’s a very small amount of people that will stick by your side and help you in your worst situations. which means, you need to put yourself first. It helps me a little bit to think about it like this, it’s hard to accept it because it means being very cynical about life and people and it’s really who I am. But according to right now, I think that’s the truth. And the truth helps you see the world in a clearer way. Maybe I should write something different about caring less about what people think of you. But the most important thing to remember is when you’re thinking about what others think of you, you’re paying less attention to what you want to do. And why should you take that from yourself? you deserve it!!! The biggest problem here is that were afraid of some people and to stop being afraid of them is really hard, so I think the best solution for this is surrounding yourself with people you feel support you and you feel comfortable around, people that give you strength and are not taking it from you. very important, so when the time comes you can deal with the people that frighten you.

I hope it helped a little bit if you’re dealing with the same things I would love to hear about it and see if I can help you with it. I would love to hear your coping techniques with what others think of you and also about being very real with yourself.

This city girl



My Personal Development Journey – Get Moving

Hi, guys!!!

I decided to keep going in this direction right now. I wanted to write a little bit about personal development, my own personal development.

So today I learnt a little bit about rituals. I know there are a lot of people talking about it, but I really want to try and keep this as authentic as possible and share with you what really works for me. I want to basically document my development and share with you tips and tricks about what really really works :).

So, I was really passionate about working out, I really wanted to start doing it more often because I wanted to be healthier, more fit and prettier. I really felt that not working out made me look much worse, older and more tired as the years went by.

The thing that worked for me, as I see it, is finding something that was easy, the easiest thing I could do – for me it was going out running outside. cheap, easy, manageable. And I also like yoga, so I’m going once a week to a great teacher.

but anyway, there a few things that got me going:

  1. I just chose the easiest most authentic thing for me. It always works guys because it’s the easiest (very simple :)).
  2. I had a few social events, where I wanted to look good.
  3. Looking tired and older also made me really wanna go for it.

So – the thing that made it work for me was: my looks, and how simple and easy it was.

I’m trying to keep it as real as possible because I really wanted to work out for my health, but that didn’t get me moving. My health had little to do with it since I’m studying all day so my back started hurting.  That also got me moving, but as I see it clearly now, I think those wore my two main reasons.

Of course, I’m enjoying feeling stronger and healthier, but those were the reasons that got me going.

I suggest you try to think how exactly would you want to look, or think of something, an event or a place you would want to look really good, and then think of the simplest, easiest thing that you can do – I'[m sure it will get you going faster than anything else.

Good luck and update me about your progress!


A New Direction


I’ve noticed that when I start doing something in the direction I want, it starts flowing out of me very easily. I’de love to give advice to people that are close to my age and going through the same things I’m going through. Everything that I could help you with, I’d love to try and do everything I can to help you with that.

I want to be there for other people going through the same things I went through or still struggling with. I’m working on finding the direct path in which I’ll lead a successful career.

Lately, I’ve been thinking I’m putting too much pressure on myself, a pressure that’s not taking me anywhere and is just holding me back. S o I kind of want to start working more from within, and see what brings me joy and what could get me further ahead.

That’s why I’m taking this blog to a different direction, I’d like to see if this direction that feels more natural to me and more from the heart, is going to be more successful.

I would love to hear from you, what are you trying to do with your life? how are you trying to make it better? what is missing in your life?

I’de love to help you answer this questions and offer any advice I can,

Have a wonderful day.

This city girl



Living Your Best Life

Hey all!

Another direction in which I wanted the blog to go to, is to help people have a better, happier lives.

I’m doing this while helping myself at the same time.

So today I watched some of Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos, you should totally go out and check his channel, he has a lot of great content about finding the right path and living a better life –

Anyway, I’m constantly thinking about living a better life. I’m trying to find my direction, I currently know I love fashion, human beings, beauty, living well and lifestyle and truth.

I tried writing about fashion, and I kinda liked it but it didn’t really take off and sometimes I got a little bored. So I’m searching my way trough this messy, crazy life trying to find something that I like and that people could relate to.

And even more importantly, something that is connected to who I really am. I want to try and be as real as possible, not be so afraid to show the real me and see what works, see what people can relate to.

I decided to ask 2 of the closest people to me what they thought were my strengths, and they both said:

Being nice and helping people, Arranging things, being creative, open to innovation and trends.

I will try to be as myself as I possibly can on this blog, and hopefully, I could touch some of you and help you live your best life.i


This city girl

New products and updated beauty routine!


I thought I’d share with you a few of the products I’ve been using lately, and my updated beauty routine. I keep changing it every month and trying to stick to it to see what works and change the minute I understand it’s not working even though I gave it enough time.


– I’ve been using this soap, from which is nice but nothing spectacular. anyway, I’m not really expecting anything extraordinary from a face wash. So it’s OK for my expectations.


– The second thing I’m really happy with is the homemade exfoliant I made out of:

coconut oil, sugar, honey, and cinnamon! I put two tablespoons of coconut oil with 2 tablespoons white sugar, a teaspoon of honey and sprinkled some cinnamon and mixed it all together. I got this tip from christy Brinkley, she is 60 years old and had almost nothing done. She looks amazing, and she started exfoliating in her 20’s. I thought it might work :), and it does make your skin really bright and clear, Love it. I have oily skin so it works really well for me.



– The third product I’m really really happy with is apple cider vinegar toner! (1 part apple cider vinegar, two parts water). It makes your face really clear and clean and I think it really has a long term effect. I love it, I think it’s the most effective toner I have ever used, I recommend it to anyone because it balanced your PH so it should work with every skin type.


– The I put vitamin C serum which is supposed to protect and brighten your skin.


– And clinique sunscreen and Dermalogica sunscreen for the eyes. Which are very nice cute products, I think the Dermalogica one is better. I’m looking for a good sunscreen for oily skin, If you have any recommendations I’d love to hear about them.



Thanks and have a great weekend 🙂