Moisturizers and oils I Used Lately

I wanted to share with you the latest products I’ve used up and my thoughts about them.



I am on the journey of healing my skin and achieving the best skin possible for quite some time now. I am searching new and different products all the time, and love to try out new things.





My skin is oily, and actually, as I have come to realize, dehydrated. I have been experimenting with oils, serums, moisturizers and different masks. And also some natural solutions, with things from the kitchen.





So now I would like to present to you my latest used products and my take on each and every one of them, let’s go:





Rosehip Oil – Aura Cacia

This one lasted me for 6 months, but I did use it pretty sparingly. I noticed a really big difference after a few weeks of use. my skin really changed, it was brighter, looked more even and looked healthier. This was the first oil I experimented with, and I think it’s a great oil for all skin types, and it has a serious anti-ageing effect. I really felt that skin is looking younger, which is always a good thing. Besides, it’s price is pretty cheap for a rosehip oil. I think with a higher quality oil, the results can be even better.

Bottom line, I really recommend this product, It’s great for a first try with face oils. If you can buy a higher quality one it should be even better.

You can buy it here.





Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Day Oil 

This product looked very promising, I heard a lot about this company and its use of natural products, so I was really excited to start using this. It promised clearing blemishes, balance excessive oiliness and refine pores. from all three, it did balance the oiliness of my skin but there was still some oil left from the product itself that didn’t go away. I didn’t have a lot of blemishes at the time, but it did keep it that way. it did nothing for my pores. This product lasted me a year, it just didn’t end, so you do get your money’s worth. But overall I think this product did not give amazing results, and it did disappoint me a little.

You can get it here.






Clinique Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector

This is an spf with a little bit of tint, and it has actually worked fine, but made my face a little too matt, which sounds like it should be a good thing, but actually, it was a bit too matt. But it is a great product and I do recommend it. Even though I do think there are better spf’s out there.

You can get it here.






Cosrx Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream 

This is an amazing product! it is full of moisture exactly as it says, actually, I think it’s the most hydrating cream I have ever tried. It’s calming and feels great on the skin, feels like food for the skin, and my face looked super moisturized after using this one. Absolutely loved it and will probably use it again in the future. I’m not the one to buy products over and over again, so it means a lot of I choose to repurchase this one. I love Cosrx and everything they do, their products are amazing!

You can get this one here. (And I recommend you do! :))






Reviva labs Vitamine C

I think that Reviva labs have stopped manufacturing this one. because I couldn’t find it anywhere. This product didn’t do much for me, I know vitamin C should be really good for your skin, and there are also other great ingredients in this one, but it really didn’t do anything amazing to my skin. I do recommend checking out other products from this company because I have tried others and they were good.

A product that looks similar from Reviva Labs is this one. 





Elta MD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46

This product has Niacinamide in it, which makes it perfect for oily skin. It balances oily skin, makes it more smooth and less red. It was really good for my skin, but my skin needed some time to get used to it. At first I got some pimples, but after a few weeks my skin adjusted and there were no more pimples and it did look more smooth and less oily which was really nice, so I definitley recommend it.

You can get it here.


Now, I’d like to hear from you, did you like this post? was it helpful?

Have you tried any of these products? and I’d love to know if you have other products to recommend 🙂



Cosy Night at Home

Cosy Night at Home

Over sized sweater
105 ILS –

Pull on pants
5.13 ILS –

TONYMOLY lip treatment
34 ILS –

Colored light
480 ILS –

Valentine mug
55 ILS –

Millennial Kind of Hygge

Millennial Kind of Hygge

37 ILS –

Tea cup
44 ILS –

Cheese Fondues Make for Cozy Dinners
120 ILS –

Pink flamingo throw pillow
85 ILS –

Modern pot
120 ILS –

Joybird midcentury furniture
4,605 ILS –

Last Vacation Vibes

Last Vacation Vibes

Boohoo tassel dress
57 ILS –

Boohoo bodycon mini dress
44 ILS –

Peter Luft slip dress
170 ILS –

J.Crew metallic shoes
160 ILS –

Billabong sling back shoes
175 ILS –

Soludos tassel sandals
405 ILS –

Mark Cross shoulder handbag
8,120 ILS –

Kate Spade white bag
725 ILS –

Mar y Sol shoulder hand bag
455 ILS –

Earring jewelry
11 ILS –

Lack of Color straw fedora
190 ILS –

Chloé oversized cat eye sunglasses
1,400 ILS –

University Day

University Day


Turtle neck sweater
70 ILS –

Brown sweater
77 ILS –

Long sleeve top
70 ILS –

Blue jeans

Vans white canvas shoes
405 ILS –

Eos lip treatment
26 ILS –

Essie nail polish
32 ILS –

Personalized coffee mug
53 ILS –

Stoneware cup
54 ILS –

Today I’m on a casual day and just want to study, get a lot done and not put too much effort. This is very close to the look I would go for.

Cosy Hepburn Autumn

Cosy Hepburn Autumn

Isabel Marant dress
2,215 ILS –

Stuart Weitzman thigh-high suede boots
3,460 ILS –

Muse sports glasses
340 ILS –

Highlight makeup
215 ILS –

Creamy lipstick
115 ILS –

Burberry perfume fragrance
355 ILS –

Nail polish
340 ILS –

Coffee mug
42 ILS –

Juliska drinkware
89 ILS –

Autumn Day

Autumn Day

Chicwish button up sweater
190 ILS –

Loose fitting top
77 ILS –

Relaxed fit jeans

Robert Clergerie colorful shoes
295 ILS –

Nine West stacked heel bootie
415 ILS –

Firth brown ankle booties
485 ILS –

Balenciaga suede oxford
455 ILS –

Vince Camuto courier bag
970 ILS –

J Crew brown crossbody purse
640 ILS –

Charlotte Tilbury palette eyeshadow
185 ILS –

Charlotte tilbury lipstick
91 ILS –

Personalized coffee cup
42 ILS –

Barista Co french coffee press
185 ILS –