Best life tips – What are you willing to suffer for?

Hey guys,

I wanted to talk to you about following your dreams, going in the direction you want and start building the life you imagined.

So, from my experience until now (I’m 29) I think that every time I wanted to start doing something, the first step was the hardest. And why is that? because you’re changing everything you believed in that area. that’s why you haven’t started in the beginning anyway.

I think you need to take the first step, even if it hurts, even it feels wrong because it’s always going to be painful because it’s different than what you were used to.

So – do it anyway – you must do it because the years go by and nothing is happening unless you do it.

I think doing is the main thing in life, just – do – it, as Nike says.

after the first, there is already something happening – like a real post, or a real meeting with a person, or a new outfit. something is real, and people react to it, and it’s easier for you to take the second step.

I think it will take you much longer than you think to get the things you want in life, so you better start now and accept that life is painful, so it’s just a matter of what pain are we willing to experince in order to get what we want. it’s just a matter of how much we are willing to suffer, and what are we willing to suffer in order to get what we want.

So – start suffering for the things you want – it’s as simple as that. And it’s also important to understand what you are not willing to suffer, like when is your breaking point, you need to rest half the way before your breaking point because life is also about prevention in order not to get into too much of a mess.

So  – a few things you should take from this post:

  1. the first step is the hardest and it’s normal that you suffer during it – choose the thing you want to do and get ready to suffer a bit, it’s OK and it’s normal – that’s what being out of your comfort zone means and it will get you to a new place you’ve never been before and it is supposed to feel uncomfortable.
  2. choose wisely what are you willing to suffer for – I’m willing to suffer studies in order to earn a degree, I’m willing to suffer giving up some of my freedom for a wonderful spouse – I’m sacrificing willingly. sacrifice willingly and be ready to suffer. the benefit overcomes the cost – that’s a lot of things in life.
  3. understand that life will be uncomfortable a big amount of time if you want great things – accept it, and understand what your willing to suffer and where can you relax and let go. what will be worth the pain – that’s all life is about I think.

What is worth the pain for you?

What will give you the most progress that your willing to suffer pain and discomfort for?

I’de love to hear for you,




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