The Persuite of Your Dreams


I’m here to share with you my journey towards my dreams.

My current dream, as I see it, is owning a lifestyle and beauty blog and earning a very nice living from it, and as it grows to start a movement for happiness – finding happiness and joy in life.

Something I’m currently not sure how to fully do.

My current belief is that I’ll pursue my happiness and can tell you all about it and how it goes over here, and tell you what has worked for me and what didn’t. I want it to be very true and real because I really want to see what works and give you value.

The rule I learned today is – Go against your fear and in the direction of your desires.

I wanted to post this blog, so I did. I wanted to post a photo on Instagram and was pretty scared to do it, but I did and now I’m really happy that I did, even if I don’t get all the responses I wanted, I’ll still be happy, first, because I did it for myself and secondly because I believe that if I’ll stay true to myself the likes and traffic will start coming. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I kinda think that in the end I’ll find myself in a totally different direction than the one I thought I’ll be in, but currently, I have nothing to do except working towards what I think I want and is my desire.

I’d love to hear from you about anything you did towards your desire recently,




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