Last Vacation Vibes

Last Vacation Vibes

Boohoo tassel dress
57 ILS –

Boohoo bodycon mini dress
44 ILS –

Peter Luft slip dress
170 ILS –

J.Crew metallic shoes
160 ILS –

Billabong sling back shoes
175 ILS –

Soludos tassel sandals
405 ILS –

Mark Cross shoulder handbag
8,120 ILS –

Kate Spade white bag
725 ILS –

Mar y Sol shoulder hand bag
455 ILS –

Earring jewelry
11 ILS –

Lack of Color straw fedora
190 ILS –

Chloé oversized cat eye sunglasses
1,400 ILS –


University Day

University Day


Turtle neck sweater
70 ILS –

Brown sweater
77 ILS –

Long sleeve top
70 ILS –

Blue jeans

Vans white canvas shoes
405 ILS –

Eos lip treatment
26 ILS –

Essie nail polish
32 ILS –

Personalized coffee mug
53 ILS –

Stoneware cup
54 ILS –

Today I’m on a casual day and just want to study, get a lot done and not put too much effort. This is very close to the look I would go for.

Cosy Hepburn Autumn

Cosy Hepburn Autumn

Isabel Marant dress
2,215 ILS –

Stuart Weitzman thigh-high suede boots
3,460 ILS –

Muse sports glasses
340 ILS –

Highlight makeup
215 ILS –

Creamy lipstick
115 ILS –

Burberry perfume fragrance
355 ILS –

Nail polish
340 ILS –

Coffee mug
42 ILS –

Juliska drinkware
89 ILS –

Autumn Day

Autumn Day

Chicwish button up sweater
190 ILS –

Loose fitting top
77 ILS –

Relaxed fit jeans

Robert Clergerie colorful shoes
295 ILS –

Nine West stacked heel bootie
415 ILS –

Firth brown ankle booties
485 ILS –

Balenciaga suede oxford
455 ILS –

Vince Camuto courier bag
970 ILS –

J Crew brown crossbody purse
640 ILS –

Charlotte Tilbury palette eyeshadow
185 ILS –

Charlotte tilbury lipstick
91 ILS –

Personalized coffee cup
42 ILS –

Barista Co french coffee press
185 ILS –

Luxurious Feeling

Luxurious Feeling

Christopher Esber mini dress
2,440 ILS –

Midi dress
91 ILS –

Nude sandals
3,120 ILS –

Stuart Weitzman summer sandals
1,980 ILS –

Yves saint laurent handbag
6,445 ILS –

Chloé leather purse
5,620 ILS –

Sophia Webster chain strap handbag
2,595 ILS –

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick
120 ILS –

Yves Saint Laurent lipstick
130 ILS –

How to Live Life Feeling Abundant and Luxurious


I’ve been thinking how can you look put together, classy and expensive on a budget. And most importantly, feel abundant and luxurious.

I think there are a few key things you should do:

1. Imagine your own luxury – everyone’s luxury looks different, and you might be surprised about what actually makes you feel luxurious instead of what you thought will make you feel luxurious.  try to do some guided meditation for abundance, or just try to imagine your life when you are very rich. what do you see? how does it feel for you? what matters most to you then? How does your everyday look?

I was surprised to find out that when I imagined luxury, my life looked very laid back, free and happy. To me, it meant mostly freedom and that made me really happy. For me, it also meant taking care of myself and doing the things I really want to do.

I suggest you try to imagine it and there write it down somewhere.

2. Incorporate the things you thought of in your life – add just a few of the things you saw in your vision in your life. Add a piece of clothing that reminds you of that, or even act with the same mindset and see what happens.

3. Learn to except things from other people and say “thank you” – compliments, gifts, ideas, advice that might help. be open to others and try to have fun with it and take the pressure off.

4. Take care of yourself mentally and emotionally so you can take better care of the challenges ahead – Do anything that you think can make you feel better and you know charges your batteries for a new day ahead. start paying attention to what really fills you up with energy and what takes from that energy. For me, being around people in the right amount of time fills me up with energy and makes me feel great. And great food, tasty healthy food, some meditation and taking care of the things that mean the most to me, taking priorities off of my priority list makes me feel full of energy, you just need to find what that means to you.

5. Keep everything clean and in top condition – yourself, your thought (positivity!), your body (eat clean and drink a lot of water), your house and furniture, your clothes, your belongings in general, your finance. Basically, it means minimalism, have fewer things and take care really well of what you have. That’s what luxury means to me when I imagine it.

Now, it your turn to imagine luxury, abundance, being rich, and let me know what does it mean to you and how you see it?

Maybe it will lead to a breakthrough in your thoughts and progress 🙂