How to deal with stress?

OK, so this is a big issue for me.

The main techniques and mindsets I’m using are:

  1. Except yourself and the progress of your work, accept the time it takes you to complete an assignment, and be, once again, very real about it. Don’t try to sugarcoat, look it right in the eye. Then there will be less stress because you’re being real with life.
  2. Get a mindset of hustle and try things even if you think you’re going to fail.
  3.  do things in small chunks and be realistic about how many chunks you can put in a day.
  4. give yourself more time than you think you need,
  5. you know exactly what you need to do to unwind, listen to it, and don’t beat yourself up for it. this is what you need, it will help you progress in the fastest way. because you’ve got another option, which is to beat yourself up, but it will happen in the same way anyway but with more suffering.

basically, self-acceptance is key, while still pushing yourself to do your best and find ways to do it.

I know self-acceptance sounds like a contradiction, but actually, reality will happen anyway, even if you are trying to imagine something else. you need to go it two directions

you need to go it two directions:

1, accept where you are, who you are and what you need to do and have (support, food, fun) in order to be successful.

2. strive to achieve anything you want in small baby steps, but keep going out of your comfort zone and always hoping for the better, being optimistic and imagining the best life for yourself (especially feeling-wise).

Love you and good luck!

I really want to hear from you, does it resonate with you? are doing things in this direction.

This is the direction I’m moving through currently, and I’ll keep you updated about the results.

Bye and kisses!