Being very real with yourself

Hi guys,

I feel like one of the biggest reasons I was (and sometimes still am) so confused, was because I was not being real with myself.

For example, I think I never really thought about how long it takes me to get organised and still feel great in the morning. I was never really sure what was the best morning routine for me. I thought it took me an hour to get fully ready in the morning when actually it takes me about 2 and half hours to feel content with my morning routine.

Another thing I think I was not really clear with myself about was the fact that money was more important to me than what I was comfortable admitting, and that I would like to jobs where I feel I’m being rewarded (financially).

Another I became more comfortable admitting when the years went by was that I would like to be more upfront, or at the centre of attention more than I wanted to admit to myself.

So a few key points:

  1. I feel that when you’re not admitting to yourself what you really want and believe you will always be living with a feeling you’re missing something or not living to your full potential.
  2. When you do admit to yourself what is really important to you, the next step is being able to live according to it. which means, setting your priorities and time according to your goals, wants, cravings and real standards. for me the harders part in this one is dealing with other people, the things they want and say about you. I haven’t fully figured out yet exactly what I should do about it, but I think it comes down to putting yourself first, caring less what people think. how do you do it practically: a. write things you want and need to get done. b. think about the fact that in 10 years from now you will still feel the same way so it’s important to accomplish things because it will be much harder and worse to feel you didn’t achieve anything of what you wanted for yourself. c. another good idea is trying to beat other people and always remember they are not thinking about you as much as your thinking about them or what they’re thinking about you. and there’s a very small amount of people that will stick by your side and help you in your worst situations. which means, you need to put yourself first. It helps me a little bit to think about it like this, it’s hard to accept it because it means being very cynical about life and people and it’s really who I am. But according to right now, I think that’s the truth. And the truth helps you see the world in a clearer way. Maybe I should write something different about caring less about what people think of you. But the most important thing to remember is when you’re thinking about what others think of you, you’re paying less attention to what you want to do. And why should you take that from yourself? you deserve it!!! The biggest problem here is that were afraid of some people and to stop being afraid of them is really hard, so I think the best solution for this is surrounding yourself with people you feel support you and you feel comfortable around, people that give you strength and are not taking it from you. very important, so when the time comes you can deal with the people that frighten you.

I hope it helped a little bit if you’re dealing with the same things I would love to hear about it and see if I can help you with it. I would love to hear your coping techniques with what others think of you and also about being very real with yourself.

This city girl




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