My Personal Development Journey – Get Moving

Hi, guys!!!

I decided to keep going in this direction right now. I wanted to write a little bit about personal development, my own personal development.

So today I learnt a little bit about rituals. I know there are a lot of people talking about it, but I really want to try and keep this as authentic as possible and share with you what really works for me. I want to basically document my development and share with you tips and tricks about what really really works :).

So, I was really passionate about working out, I really wanted to start doing it more often because I wanted to be healthier, more fit and prettier. I really felt that not working out made me look much worse, older and more tired as the years went by.

The thing that worked for me, as I see it, is finding something that was easy, the easiest thing I could do – for me it was going out running outside. cheap, easy, manageable. And I also like yoga, so I’m going once a week to a great teacher.

but anyway, there a few things that got me going:

  1. I just chose the easiest most authentic thing for me. It always works guys because it’s the easiest (very simple :)).
  2. I had a few social events, where I wanted to look good.
  3. Looking tired and older also made me really wanna go for it.

So – the thing that made it work for me was: my looks, and how simple and easy it was.

I’m trying to keep it as real as possible because I really wanted to work out for my health, but that didn’t get me moving. My health had little to do with it since I’m studying all day so my back started hurting.  That also got me moving, but as I see it clearly now, I think those wore my two main reasons.

Of course, I’m enjoying feeling stronger and healthier, but those were the reasons that got me going.

I suggest you try to think how exactly would you want to look, or think of something, an event or a place you would want to look really good, and then think of the simplest, easiest thing that you can do – I'[m sure it will get you going faster than anything else.

Good luck and update me about your progress!



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