Living Your Best Life

Hey all!

Another direction in which I wanted the blog to go to, is to help people have a better, happier lives.

I’m doing this while helping myself at the same time.

So today I watched some of Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos, you should totally go out and check his channel, he has a lot of great content about finding the right path and living a better life –

Anyway, I’m constantly thinking about living a better life. I’m trying to find my direction, I currently know I love fashion, human beings, beauty, living well and lifestyle and truth.

I tried writing about fashion, and I kinda liked it but it didn’t really take off and sometimes I got a little bored. So I’m searching my way trough this messy, crazy life trying to find something that I like and that people could relate to.

And even more importantly, something that is connected to who I really am. I want to try and be as real as possible, not be so afraid to show the real me and see what works, see what people can relate to.

I decided to ask 2 of the closest people to me what they thought were my strengths, and they both said:

Being nice and helping people, Arranging things, being creative, open to innovation and trends.

I will try to be as myself as I possibly can on this blog, and hopefully, I could touch some of you and help you live your best life.


This city girl


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