New products and updated beauty routine!


I thought I’d share with you a few of the products I’ve been using lately, and my updated beauty routine. I keep changing it every month and trying to stick to it to see what works and change the minute I understand it’s not working even though I gave it enough time.


– I’ve been using this soap, from which is nice but nothing spectacular. anyway, I’m not really expecting anything extraordinary from a face wash. So it’s OK for my expectations.


– The second thing I’m really happy with is the homemade exfoliant I made out of:

coconut oil, sugar, honey, and cinnamon! I put two tablespoons of coconut oil with 2 tablespoons white sugar, a teaspoon of honey and sprinkled some cinnamon and mixed it all together. I got this tip from christy Brinkley, she is 60 years old and had almost nothing done. She looks amazing, and she started exfoliating in her 20’s. I thought it might work :), and it does make your skin really bright and clear, Love it. I have oily skin so it works really well for me.



– The third product I’m really really happy with is apple cider vinegar toner! (1 part apple cider vinegar, two parts water). It makes your face really clear and clean and I think it really has a long term effect. I love it, I think it’s the most effective toner I have ever used, I recommend it to anyone because it balanced your PH so it should work with every skin type.


– The I put vitamin C serum which is supposed to protect and brighten your skin.


– And clinique sunscreen and Dermalogica sunscreen for the eyes. Which are very nice cute products, I think the Dermalogica one is better. I’m looking for a good sunscreen for oily skin, If you have any recommendations I’d love to hear about them.



Thanks and have a great weekend 🙂






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