Summertime and the Living is Easy….

A few thoughts about life.

I wanted this to be a personal space where I can enjoy my writing.

I feel it’s really hard to try and find your unique voice in this world and it’s been a long journey for me all my life.

I think that finding your true voice and more over standing up for yourself is a task for a lifetime. I think that being my own true self is scary but exciting!

I want to reveal myself to others and see how they react to it. I feel that there are only a certain amount of people that know me really well. The rest, see something much more contracted and stressed.

I feel much more like my true self now comparing to myself a few years ago. And I can’t wait to keep working my way up this way since I feel my life will be the best as I reveal more and more of my true self.

Today I try to speak as loud as I feel like, and I find that people are listening to me even when I’m not screaming. I spent to much time chasing success and I think it’s time to try a different way since sometimes I did get success but it left me feeling horrible.

I’m working on this concept of happiness is the way. It’s nothing new, but I’m giving it a shot with all my heart. And believe me it’s scary.

One thing is for sure, it definitely feels better.

I don’t have time to save the best course to the end of the meal.

I’ll order the Benedict eggs with extra butter.

Great week everyone!







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