The minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

Hi guys,

I decided to develop my own minimalist wardrobe. I want to have a capsule wardrobe that will help me and support me through my days. I want to have the best wardrobe for myself that will be on point and very precise.

I want you to go through this journey with me, and I would really like to help you with your journey as well.

I have found this amazing website that can help you build your best wardrobe:

It is truly amazing and very down to earth. it can help you get exactly what you want from you closet.

I’ll start with mine, my main problem with my closet is it feels like a mess and I have a lot of pieces which I used to like but don’t really like anymore. I think I really need help with shopping as well because every time I come to a store, I get confused and have no idea what I want to buy. I’m really scared of spending too much money as well. so sometimes I end up with things that look good, but they are not precisely what I was looking for.

That’s why I decided I need a plan. I narrowed down my closet to a few main ideas thanks to into-mind. and now I feel like my capsule wardrobe for summer 2016 should look like this:

5 pairs of good jeans

4 good loose t shirts

4 good loose tank tops

4 pairs of nice sandals

2 pairs of good heels

2 cardigans

2 boyfriend jeans

1 pair of oxford shoes

1 printed overall

1 shoulder baring shirt

stripped dress

stripped shirt

1 olive button down shirt

1 flowery cardigan

1 flower printed skirt for events

1 pair of white sneakers

After I decided how exactly I wanted my closet to look, I took a hard look on what I currently have – and this is how it looks right now:



I have 4 pairs of jeans that I like, 4 tops that I kinda like, 4 camisoles that are OK, a few skirts up in the middle that are cute and two button down shirts –

One denim and one white.

Ho boy, it means I really need to fill the holes in there. the most important things for me right now are tops and a pair of brown oxfords that I’ll love.

today I’ll go shopping for some tops and keep you posted on what I found. I really want to wear the white shirt but I don’t really know how yet.

here are a few options I have found that I will try soon:

Classic- for road trip up the coast:

Candice swanepoele rocking it.

Panama perfection via Damsel in Dior:

I think that classic jeans and a t shirt combination should do the trick.

talk to you soon,

This city chick




Summertime and the Living is Easy….

A few thoughts about life.

I wanted this to be a personal space where I can enjoy my writing.

I feel it’s really hard to try and find your unique voice in this world and it’s been a long journey for me all my life.

I think that finding your true voice and more over standing up for yourself is a task for a lifetime. I think that being my own true self is scary but exciting!

I want to reveal myself to others and see how they react to it. I feel that there are only a certain amount of people that know me really well. The rest, see something much more contracted and stressed.

I feel much more like my true self now comparing to myself a few years ago. And I can’t wait to keep working my way up this way since I feel my life will be the best as I reveal more and more of my true self.

Today I try to speak as loud as I feel like, and I find that people are listening to me even when I’m not screaming. I spent to much time chasing success and I think it’s time to try a different way since sometimes I did get success but it left me feeling horrible.

I’m working on this concept of happiness is the way. It’s nothing new, but I’m giving it a shot with all my heart. And believe me it’s scary.

One thing is for sure, it definitely feels better.

I don’t have time to save the best course to the end of the meal.

I’ll order the Benedict eggs with extra butter.

Great week everyone!