The Konmari Method

Hi Guys,

As you know I’m obsessed with cleaning and organizing my house.

But this does not mean that my house is organized. I think the reason I’m obsessed with organizing is because I can’t get my house organized. 🙂

Anyway, I’ll keep working on it until I reach perfection in this area of my life.

I stumbled across the Konmari method in a magazine and it sounded exactly like what I needed to do. The whole ‘Does it spark joy in me?” sounds like the type of thing that can work for me. It definitely makes sense though, to keep only the things that make you happy. I guess they will last longer in your closet and you will enjoy wearing them more.

I will start doing it for my whole house, I believe it will take me a few months. maybe less. I will keep you updated on each step I take on my road to a better, less overwhelming life.

Have a great day everyone!





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