The minimalism Journey continues


As I told you in my older post, I’m moving forward with the minimalism thing.

I did step number four and was able to clean out my closet nicely.

I cheated a little bit and moved all the stuff that don’t fit my personal style anymore to my upper shelves in my closet. that’s because the thought of throwing out clothes gets me really stressed. I decided I’d leave them there and wait to see if I wear any of them in the next few months. if not, I’ll throw them out.

So far it’s been working really well, I feel like I really wear most of the clothes that are currently in my closet. I try to buy only stuff that I’m sure I’ll be using right away.

I noticed that orders from the net are problematic, since I order stuff that sometimes arrive not in the right size or the quality is not good enough. I think I’ll be ordering less stuff online.

But on the other hand I really hate going out and buying stuff. I really enjoy staying at home and ordering stuff from home.






The Konmari Method

Hi Guys,

As you know I’m obsessed with cleaning and organizing my house.

But this does not mean that my house is organized. I think the reason I’m obsessed with organizing is because I can’t get my house organized. 🙂

Anyway, I’ll keep working on it until I reach perfection in this area of my life.

I stumbled across the Konmari method in a magazine and it sounded exactly like what I needed to do. The whole ‘Does it spark joy in me?” sounds like the type of thing that can work for me. It definitely makes sense though, to keep only the things that make you happy. I guess they will last longer in your closet and you will enjoy wearing them more.

I will start doing it for my whole house, I believe it will take me a few months. maybe less. I will keep you updated on each step I take on my road to a better, less overwhelming life.

Have a great day everyone!




My new style

Hey guys,

I’d really like to start of fresh and discover my style. I feel like my style has been evolving over the years but I still haven’t reached the point where I’m satisfied with what I’m wearing.

I’d love to share with you this journey of mine, and hopefully it can help you figure out your style as well.

I would really like to have a minimalist wardrobe.

Now the next big thing that’s on my list is bathing suits –

I would really want to get one that is totally black, I never had a bathing suite like that before.

I a very simple style like this:

I will update you once I get it.

have a great week everyone!

One weird thing about me

Hi guys,

I wanted to share something personal with you today.

I really like cheap pop and rap hit songs and also you tube make up and lifestyle videos.

Here I said it :).

It makes me really embarrassed but I’m ready to admit it.

It’s a part of accepting myself more and also letting other people know they can feel more free.

I really believe in letting ourselves enjoy what we truly love without punishing ourselves over it because it doesn’t suite our image or it’s not acceptable by our friends.

And I will keep enjoying these silly pop songs, right next to my academic degree and all of my other intellectual accomplishments.

Have a good evening everyone 🙂